Raising girls

One of the most destructive movements of modern-day is feminism. There is nothing feminine about the movement, and we should attempt to raise our daughters to be feminine. For instance, purity, feminine skill sets, and knowledge are values that will help our girls in life.

First, I am a Christian, and my girls must read and study the bible. I started reading the bible to my girls when they were very young. Girls need to know about modesty, self-control, and beauty. For example, the Bible has illustrations of virtuous women, and we role-play these women. This instills that character into their memory. Girls should know their worth. Their worth comes from God, and they are royalty, and they should present themselves accordingly.

My daughters join me in the garden, and they witness the life cycle of plants. For instance, learning about plants has journeyed into conversations about the life cycle of humans. They learn that a human is a human from conception, just like a tomato is a tomato from seed. Next, every Friday, I bake with my girls. We take turns mixing and cracking eggs. My daughters are taught how to sustain themselves and what ingredients they mix to feed themselves and those around them.

Lastly, We sit on the couch, and we read a book. Knowledge is a staple in their diet, and it is a hedge against a victim mentality and destructive mindset.  We read history, and they learn not to repeat the mistakes of the past. We read fiction, and they learn what characters are good and bad.

I want my girls to dress in dresses. I want them to wear pink, but femininity is more than that; it is purity, skill set, and knowledge. Let’s help ensure a brighter future and raise our girls a little more feminine.

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