Raise your kids like your country depends on it.

Before I begin, I am going to address some things that are controversial but I believe are important. If you are offended by certain opinions you may not want to read this.

Our country has been demoralized over the past few decades through a failed educational system. Public schooling and media have sown seeds of indoctrination and dangerous beliefs into my own generation as well as younger ones and we are seeing the fruit of those beliefs in our city streets.

There is a deep lack of morals, lack of accountability, and responsibility combined with a distorted understanding of what true rights are and where rights come from.

We can bring our country back to a place of sanity not through destruction but by living out the values we want to see in the world and instilling truth, good character, and knowledge into our kids.

I have principles and values that I try to live by as an example to my children. I am a Christian who believes that women have a specifically important role in society. I want my kids to continue these traditions as they grow older so I try to live my values out before my kids and I homeschool so I can teach my values to my children. I encourage my kids to read constantly. My kids must learn and study the Bible and also read classic books that I have read and want to share with my children.

The Road to Serfdom, Atlas Shrugged, Creature from Jekyll Island, and The Law are all wonderful books that I have read and believe have a great deal of insight to teach. I have introduced my 9-year-old daughter to some of these books already through the Tuttle Twins series. Tuttle Twins is a collection of books as well as a curriculum that teaches kids the importance of limited government, freedom, personal responsibility, and self-sufficiency. Their books are beautifully illustrated and do a wonderful job of taking complex subjects and presenting them to young children.

I am not getting paid to mention any of these books but I wanted to share them just in case there were other moms who were interested in resources to better equip their children with knowledge.

I am not sponsored by this company and I don’t judge women who share differing opinions from me. This is my blog and this is how I am choosing to raise the kids. If you ladies find this interesting I encourage you to live out your values in front of your kids. Teach your children about real freedom and responsibility. These materials can just be another tool in your arsenal to use and raise your kids up in the ways you want them to go. I will leave the links below of where to purchase these books because I believe they are wonderful for growing young minds!

Thanks for stopping by! Much love and God blessed!

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