One day you will miss it

Have you ever found yourself grumpy for no reason? Just walking around the house mad and ticked off for nothing? The other day I was having a day like that.

It was the end of a long day of homeschooling and chasing after a toddler who can’t keep his hands off anything, and I was tired, ticked, and crawled into bed with an attitude.

While laying in bed, I began looking through pictures on my phone and as I was scrolling through pictures I realized that as messy and crazy as my life is I am living my dream. My intention isn’t to brag but looking through all of those photos made me understand and appreciate the little moments of life.

Life is not one grand display of all of the highlights; it is little, often missed seconds of the mundane. Life is cleaning up messes, wandering into the kitchen and forgetting why you’re standing there, and burning dinner on the stove because you’re distracted with a child.

Seconds turn into years and one day, all of the present life has passed. The never enough hours in a day turn into long strings of memories.

I’m living my dream but am I experiencing it or am I going through the motions? How do you slow life down and feel it? How do you let life go and not worry about it? Are you positive you know the answers to these questions?

I try to wake up every day and thank God for giving me everything I don’t deserve. I need to remind myself every moment that life is lived in the mediocre mess, the crying, the dishes, the kisses, and diaper changing. One day, I will miss it. As I’m writing this it is a reminder to me and I hope a reminder to the other moms that our dreams may not be everything we envisioned every second of the day but take heart in knowing that you are living the dream that many many women wish they were living right now. Every second is precious and worth being thankful for so even when we are grumpy, tired, and stressed from the day know that it will pass and one day, you will miss it.